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We provide education, training and facilitation services for fulfilling different expectations. Please read the service category and service detail to find the ones that suit you needs.

Science Class

Application Service for Public Colleges in Canada


Comparing to the Universities, Canadian Public Colleges are technical, flexible and economical. They are also at the forefront of technology, innovation and workforce development, preparing students for success in the 
cutting-edge careers of tomorrow. For example, the needs for graduates with skills in Animation Design, Gaming Design, Personal Support Worker and Supply Chain are extremely high. The key entrance requirements are Canadian High School Diploma, English Proficiency Score and Studying Plan. Haven Education provides program selection service, application service, ELTIS training service and study advising service.

Application Service for Private Colleges in Canada


Comparing to the Public Colleges, Canadian Private Colleges have relatively lower Entrance Requirements. We recommend Private Colleges to students who can't meet the admission requirements of the Public Colleges in turns of English Proficiency Score or High School GPA. Private College Programs are more technical oriented, so that students are able to unitize the skills and find jobs immediately after graduating especially in Coding, Gaming Design, Personal Support Worker and Supply Chain. Haven Education provides program selection service, application service, English for Academic training service, study advising service and tutoring service.

College Program Preparation and Tutoring

Tutor and Student

Acceptance into a College is only the first step of having a better future. Due to language, culture and peer pressure, it is not easy for Chinese students to complete the program within a regular time frame. Statistics have shown that half of the Chinese College students need to take additional 6-12 months to complete the programs they have enrolled. 18% of the students fail the programs. Haven Education provides tutoring service to ensure that the students are able to successfully complete the program on time, so that they can start seeking job opportunities as soon as they complete the programs.

English Training for Academic Purposes


If a student is unable to receive a decent score from IELTS or TOFEL test, the student can choose to take English Training for Academic Purposes in order to get enrolled into some Diploma programs in a Private College. Haven Education provides English Training for Academic Purposes for Private College level to the students neither online of offline.

IELTS High Score Preparation


This service is for students that need adequate IELTS scores to get into Public Colleges. Haven Education's IELTS instructor has over 20 years experience in teaching IELTS teachers how to teach IELTS. 

Online High School Credit Courses

Online Education

This service is extremely useful to the students that are in need of completing certain credits in Grade 11 or Grade 12 for boosting average GPA, taking classes when not in Canada, and needing enough credits for study permit extension purposes. (Note: from 2022, the OLC4O will have to be taken in Ontario. All other courses can be taken online.)

High School Tutoring

Classroom Lecture

This service is for high school students that are having difficulties to pass certain courses or to receive higher marks. Haven Education's instructors have great track records and years of experience in assisting students to better understand the material, so that the students are able to increase the GPA.

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