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Algonquin College

Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety

2 years Diploma

Pembroke Campus

The two-year Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety Ontario College Diploma program is the only program of its kind in Canada. In this program, you learn to monitor radiation levels and implement preventive measures critical to ensuring the safety of employees and members of the public, and providing for protection of the environment. 

Learn to effectively complete important tasks focusing on radiation safety, such as detecting and measuring radiation levels, mitigating contamination hazards and providing guidance and information to personnel to control contamination and minimize radiation exposure. 

Gain theoretical and practical understanding of nuclear operations fundamentals, radiation detection and measurement, instrumentation and techniques, waste management, contamination and decontamination procedures, and incident assessments. Your courses focus on regulatory frameworks and compliance with internationally accepted radiation protection principles. 

Learn from nuclear industry professionals who have years of experience. This program benefits from a partnership between Algonquin College and Bruce Power, Ontario`s largest private electricity generating company. 

Students also have the option to gain real-world experience through a paid co-operative education (co-op) work term (see Additional Information for more details). Please note that places in the co-op version of the program are subject to availability. Students who elect to apply to the non co-op version of the program may not have the opportunity to transfer to the co-op version at a later date.

Water and Wastewater Technician

2 years Diploma

Ottawa Campus

The Water and Wastewater Technician Ontario College Diploma program equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage water and wastewater infrastructure. The water and wastewater management field has been subjected to increasingly rigid legislation, due to ongoing public health concerns. This program teaches you how to deal with the demands on water quality professionals.

This condensed 42-week program allows you to complete a two-year diploma program in only three terms, making it an intensive, but rewarding experience.

Through a series of courses in advanced chemistry, biology and mechanical systems, you are able to make informed decisions in your day-to-day career. Learn how to:

  • prevent waterborne illnesses

  • manage industrial waste

  • operate off-site wastewater treatment units.

Learn using theoretical and applied approaches, in labs and in the field. Using industry-standard equipment, you acquire the most up-to-date skills and knowledge possible.

Graduates of this program are well positioned to become:

  • water and wastewater treatment operators

  • compliance officers

  • water analysts with municipal or provincial governments

  • lab assistants in private and public laboratories


Centennial College

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

2 years Diploma

Downsview Campus

The two-year Aircraft Maintenance Technician Ontario College Diploma program gives you hands-on experience to help propel you into your future. 

Through a series of classroom-based courses and extensive practical labs, you acquire the skills specific to becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Learn through the repair and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems within an aircraft, including: 

  • hydraulics 

  • fuel systems 

  • environmental instrumentation 

  • engine 

  • control surfaces and undercarriage 

  • repair of the aircraft body 

Because of an expected higher-than-normal retirement rate of licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, and the recent growth in the aviation sector, an increasing number of job opportunities is expected.

To become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Transport Canada requires you to complete two years of basic training at an approved institution, followed by 48 months of full-time employment and proof that specific maintenance tasks have been completed. Graduates of this program with high academic standing are eligible for accelerated accreditation by Transport Canada, which provides an 18-month experience credit towards a Transport Canada AME license. 

You should be prepared for entry-level positions, which may be available in smaller airports or centres, and may include rotating shift work.

Electro Mechanical Engineering Technician

2 years Diploma

Progress Campus

Through the Electromechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics program, you'll gain the knowledge to build a rewarding career in the automation and robotics field. This college diploma program will focus on automated systems, which are at the heart of virtually all advanced manufacturing and other industry sectors.

The engineering program's courses will be comprehensive and emphasize the basic technology used in building and operating automated industrial systems: programmable logic controllers (PLCs), hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and robotics. Along the way, you'll acquire a thorough understanding of theory, along with practical, hands-on laboratory experience.

Career Outlook

  • Robotics technician

  • PLC technician

  • Electromechanical assembler

  • Electromechanical maintenance technician

  • Electromechanical technician

  • Fluid power technician

  • Inside sales professional

  • Field service technician


Sheridan College

Bachelor of Animation

4 years Diploma

Oakville Campus

Students come from all over the world to study animation at Sheridan. That’s because our Animation program has such a strong reputation. Michael Hirsh, co-founder of Nelvana, refers to Sheridan as the “Harvard of Animation.”

Our graduates go on to work in television and feature animation at major studios throughout North America.

In our Animation degree program, you’ll learn from industry professionals, using the same techniques and tools that you'll eventually need in the workplace. Using state-of-the-art software and hardware, you’ll create your own stories, designs, characters and layouts, and produce your own films.

Sheridan’s animation program emphasizes classical principles of animation in a variety of forms, including 2D digital, 3D and stop motion. You’ll learn the art of storyboarding and hone your life drawing, layout and digital painting skills. Working collaboratively or individually on productions, you’ll have the opportunity to explore all aspects of animation filmmaking.

After Year 3, you’ll gain professional experience during a three-month work placement. And at our annual Industry Day, employers will fly in from across North America to meet you, see your work and conduct interviews.

3D Animation

1.5 years Diploma

Oakville Campus

Build on your existing skills and talents by learning the technical and creative process of 3D animation! Our instructors will guide you through an intense curriculum, teaching you all of the stages required to create compelling moving images. Enjoy creative and technical flexibility in your final projects, allowing you to explore and specialize.

Sheridan was the first animation school to teach computer animation, and we're still industry leaders today. Our instructors have worked on hundreds of television and film projects for major international studios. They're also mentors who are committed to supporting your success. You'll learn proven real-world solutions to production challenges while staying current with emerging tools and techniques.

At Sheridan, we believe a culture of sharing ideas and solutions is key to student success. In addition to your individual assignments, you'll also have opportunities to collaborate with professors and peers in our immersive and supportive studio environment. Using state-of-the-art facilities to create animated projects and a signature demo reel is great preparation for your first day on the job.

Sheridan has an arrangement with the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design (IADT) in Ireland. Graduates of Sheridan's Computer Animation post-grad certificate program from 2009 or later can apply to IADT to earn their Master Degree in 15 weeks.

Electrical Engineering Technician

2 years Diploma

Brampton Campus

Sheridan's Electrical Engineering Technician program offers you the opportunity to gain proficiency in advanced electrical and communication principles. You'll graduate from this two-year program with extensive hands-on experience and a broad skill set applicable to a wide range of industry contexts.

Things you'll learn to do

  • Interpret and produce electrical and electronics drawings.

  • Analyze and solve routine technical problems related to electrical systems by applying mathematics and science principles.

  • Use, verify and maintain instrumentation equipment and systems.

  • Assemble, test, modify and maintain electrical circuits and equipment.

Graduates of this program with work experience can pursue additional certification through the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT).

Plumbing Technician

2 years Diploma

Brampton Campus

With so many people seeking plumbing apprenticeships in Ontario, two years of education can push you to the front of the line. In the second year of Sheridan’s Plumbing Technician program, you’ll learn advanced concepts that can save you hundreds of classroom hours during an apprenticeship. You’ll also put your new skills and knowledge to work in a field placement.

Embedded within the two-year Plumbing Technician Diploma, is the TSSA Gas Technician 3 curriculum. Students will be taught theory and obtain hands-on training in the fully accredited TSSA Gas Lab. Students who meet all the TSSA requirements will be eligible to write the Gas Technician 3 Exam for certification through the TSSA.

In addition to your plumbing courses, you’ll also learn from experts in subjects such as welding or rigging and lifting. Sheridan’s welding professors are among the best in Ontario, and our millwright students often win medals at provincial and national competitions.


  • Is it easy to get a job after graduating from the programs listed above?
    Haven's goal is to prepare students with skills for the job they are looking for. All programs recommended by Haven are technical and practical. More over, there is excess need in hiring the graduates from the programs listed on Haven site. Haven constantly researches the market to identify the labour shortages from certain sectors.
  • How do I apply as an international student?
    Each school and each program has its unique admission requirement. Most Colleges require OSSD or equivalent. Applicants also need Grade 12 English (C or U), or equivalent (minimum grade required), or take the College English Skills Assessment for Admission. Please contact Haven advisor to find out more details regarding the application process.
  • What if my application doesn't meet the admission requirement?
    Haven Education provides program training and project building opportunities for students to buildup their real world portfolios as track records to apply for some programs in public Colleges.
  • How do I apply as an international student?
    Canada Colleges require applicants to meet the minimum English Proficiency for Academic Purposes. Usually there is an entrance English test to identify students' English level. If students fail to meet the minimum English Proficiency level, a 2.5 month ESL program will need to be taken by the students. Please contact Haven advisor to find out more details regarding the application process.
  • Is it easy to get a job after graduating with a Diploma from PCC?
    Haven's goal is to prepare students with skills for the job they are looking for. All PCC programs recommended by Haven are technical and practical. More over, all programs offer work placement for students to gain real world experience so that the students will gain competitive advantage in the job market.
  • What if my application doesn't meet the admission requirement?
    Haven Education provides program training, if the students complete the program training, the admission rate will be 100%.
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