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Business Administration

1 year Certificate / 2 years Diploma

Toronto Campus

This diploma program helps you gain an in-depth and extensive knowledge whilst obtaining the skills needed to facilitate business operations at different business and non-profit settings.

You will have the opportunity to learn, analyze, and apply skills and knowledge, conduct business analysis as well as concepts in your workplace and future full-time employment gained through core courses, in-class activities, problem solving, project management, case studies, role play, individual assignments and group projects.

In order to have comprehensive knowledge, skills and build a strong foundation on business and relevant areas, this program would facilitate students who are required to complete courses in: Basics in Computers, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance, QuickBooks, Economics, Career Planning & Development, Business Law, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior and Business Management.  

Each of the business administration program courses has an objective and outcome through this less than a year diploma, which you would be able to address the needs of concurrent business activities as well as achieve your career goals as you gain your experience and business skills of your career paths in the business world. 

The 2 years Program includes a non-paid 12 weeks work placement.

Personal Support Worker

1 year Diploma

Toronto Campus

The Covid 19 pandemic put a sharp focus on the need for well trained and fairly paid personal support workers. The growing need for medical services by an aging population and an increased focus by government on home and long-term care are fuelling demand for trained, knowledgeable and caring Personal Support Workers.

Knowing that you are making a difference to people who need you is what makes the PSW career choice very rewarding for caring individuals with excellent people skills. The PSW program is designed to provide our students with the necessary training and education to pursue a career in the traditional nursing assistant role in health care environments.

Students learn practical support-related skills such as assisting with routine daily living activities, personal care, mobility, safety, medications, medical conditions, household management and meal preparation along with the interpersonal skills to deal effectively with clients, families, and healthcare team members. Sensitivity to individuals and their rights is a central theme of the instruction for the Personal Support Worker. Students will acquire the necessary skills to respond to the emotional and physical needs of patients, residents and/or clients who are under their care.

A clinical placement combined with practical classroom instruction ensures you graduate with confidence in yourself and in your practical skills. 

The Canadian College has an excellent working relationship with various organizations for clinical placement. During the last weeks of the program the students will supplement their in-class training with an “on the job” clinical placement. The placement provides an opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom, gain confidence, and open doors to future employment.  

Successful completion of the clinical placement is necessary for graduation from the Personal Support Worker program.  

Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma

1 year Diploma / 2 years Diploma

Toronto Campus

The program would help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate the business operation concerning supply chain and logistics management at different business and non-profit settings. You will have the opportunity to learn real-work experience, analyze and apply skills and concepts in your real-world workplace which you would gain through in-class activities, case studies, role play, individual assignments and group projects.

To have comprehensive knowledge and skills and a building strong foundation in business, project management, global supply chain, logistics and relevant areas, this program would facilitate you to become a supply chain management professional after completing courses in Basic Computer, Economics, Business Communication, Principles of Business Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, SAP HANA, Enterprise Resources Planning, Job Search Techniques, etc.

Each of the above course has a set of objectives and outcomes through which you, as the future global supply chain management and logistics professional who has obtained the diploma in supply chain management, will be able to address the needs of concurrent business activities as well as achieve your career goals after successfully complete the supply chain management program.

For the two years program, students will obtain their Canadian Supply Chain Designation which will further boost their competitiveness in the job market. In addition, students will have 12 weeks work placement in the last semester.

Application and Game Design and Development (Online)

1 year Certificate + Designation

Course Outline


This certification is designed for future application and game developers who want to showcase their mastery of core design and coding skills and concepts to obtain their first professional role. 

The languages in this program include: C#, Swift, Dart, Java and the game engine is Unity. The program would help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge in application design, game design, application development, console game development, mobile game development, UI system development, network/backend development, multiplayer network system development and AI system development. 

You have a 3 months non-paid work placement at the end of the second term. Students who receive 75% or higher will guarantee an intern position (remote working) for 3 months.


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