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Application Service for Private Colleges in Canada

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Safety First

We follow Ontario's guidance for school to operate during Covid 19 pandemic closely to ensure the safety of our students. 



At the heart of every successful career is the expression of individuality. All students are unique, with unique abilities, skills, needs & challenges. Through individual sessions, Haven counsellors address these unique traits by combining the permutations and working out the strengths and weaknesses. A student empowered with this knowledge finds it easier to make the right decision.


Educational Program

The next step in the journey is to identify the right program and the right institute. Haven is well placed to help arrive at this decision.


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Admission Coordination

Each College has a unique application process, and it can be harrowing for candidates to go this journey alone. haven guides students with the right timelines, formats and other protocols to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

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English Training

Haven provides English training online for students to boost their English skills for academic purposes in order to get enrolled into PCC without any IELTS or TOFEL score.


Interview Preparation

Some Colleges have a short entrance interview to get to know the students. Haven helps students to prep for these interactions with the right questions, practice sessions, and perfecting their responses to better showcase their intellect and admissibility in relation to a course. This helps students feel comfortable during these interviews, taking care of any nerves that might prove detrimental.


Visa Application Assistance

Once an acceptance letter has been shared, the long and detailed process of a visa application begins. The paperwork can be daunting, and the visa interview more so. Haven helps students navigate these challenges by sharing knowledge and experience built over years. This process can start even before acceptance into an institute in certain cases to ensure there is no delay later.


Pre Departure Briefing

Just before they set off to their new lives, Haven provides students relevant information about their new homes like the local culture, precautions, what to pack, documents to carry, among other things. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, so that students can focus on their academics as much as possible.

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Concierge Assistance

Settling in a foreign land can be an unsettling experience. Haven guides students with the right things to do, and with a strong network of students across the globe, helps settling down a comfortable process.

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